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What does PCBA mean? What is its function?

Article source:FAQEditor:Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Issuing time:2021-09-28

What does PCBA mean? This problem is estimated to perplex many people, especially newcomers in the industry, and they know little about this problem. Even some people don't know what PCBA is and what PCB is. Today, the author will explain in detail what PCBA means and introduce the function and status of PCBA.
What does PCBA mean?
PCBA is actually a printed circuit board. Its full name is printed circuit board + assembly. It is a new component formed after the empty PCB board is operated. PCBA is actually a useful writing method in China. In foreign countries, it usually adds an oblique point number, that is, pcb'a. Therefore, when talking with foreign customers, they often ask what PCBA means. However, because China is a major producer of PCBA, many foreign friends are used to following us.
PCBA looks very similar to PCB, and it is often confused by the outside world. In fact, there are some differences between the two. In fact, PCB is a photoelectric circuit board without any components. The components added are called PCBA. There will be many components on it, such as our common motherboard and sound card. However, because PCBA is a term in the production process, we ordinary people rarely know it. In fact, we've been in touch many times.
What is the function of PCBA?
According to professionals, at present, the core parts of all electronic products are composed of PCBA, and the realization of functions must also be completed by PCBA. It can be said that it is impossible for electronic products to leave PCBA. Take the computer as an example, except that the heat dissipation part does not contain PCBA, PCBA is found in other parts. Like hard disk, power supply, host display driver board, LCD screen, mouse, keyboard, Bluetooth receiver of wireless mouse, there are small PCBA. It can be said that there is no electronic product without PCBA. PCBA is the basic unit of all electronic products in the whole electronic industry.
What is the status of PCBA?
Because PCBA is an important component of all electronic products, just like the human nervous system, it bears 90% of the energy. For example, CPU is installed on PCBA, so the life, running speed, reliability and stability of electronic products are related to PCBA.
It can be said that PCBA controls the quality of the whole electronic products. It is the decider of electronic products. The better the quality of PCBA, the better the use effect and performance of electronic products. This is also the reason why the prices of electronic products from different manufacturers are different. Of course, this is not absolute. After all, PCBA manufacturers vary in scale, strength and cost. Therefore, it is impossible to simply reduce the cost.
The author introduces so much about "what does PCBA mean". Here, I would also like to remind you that PCBA is a very important part of electronic products. Its quality determines the quality of electronic products. Therefore, it must not be ignored. When choosing PCBA manufacturers, try to choose professional and formal manufacturers. Don't ignore long-term interests in order to save costs and obtain temporary small profits.