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How to burn chips in PCBA processing

Article source:InformationEditor:Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Issuing time:2021-09-28

Chip programming is the process of burning or transmitting the program written by the computer to the chip IC. At present, common chip burning includes PROM and EPROM. PCBA processing technology is becoming more and more mature, and its application range is becoming more and more extensive. There is no shadow of PCBA in life. PCBA will also exist in mobile phones, watches, cars and trains, and even a pen we use. PCBA has been applied to all walks of life. In order to make our PCBA better realize the expected design functions, in addition to the normal hardware, there is no lack of software cooperation. Especially at present, there are more and more intelligent products and more customization requirements for programs. In this way, PCBA processing not only needs to do hardware processing, but also needs chip burning.
Chip burning is to write the program into the internal storage space of the chip through the burning tool. It is generally divided into offline burning and online burning. Next, Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a PCBA R & D and manufacturer, will introduce the common burning methods.
Chip off-line burning
Various adapters are compatible with chips of different packages. Only when the chip is used with the adapter can the program be burned. The adapter itself is a kind of precision fixture. Different adapters need to be selected for different chips and different packages. Now the packaging of widely used EMMC chips is developing towards small and flat BGA and QFN, and the price of adapters in this kind of packaging is not low.
If there is an error in the production test and the production is traced back and corrected again, the chip needs to be removed from the adapter and burned again according to the specified process, which is time-consuming, laborious and high cost. During PCBA processing and production, there will be some emergencies, such as insufficient temperature resistance of the circuit board, chip deformation will be caused when the chip is disassembled, which virtually increases the risk of scrap.
Chip PCBA online burning
The on-line burning of the chip uses the standard communication bus of the chip, such as USB, SWD, JTAG, UART, etc. the interface is generally fixed, and there are few pins to be connected during burning. Because the interface communication rate is not high, it can be completed by using general wire, and chip burning will not produce high consumption.
Since the online burning is performed through wire connection, if an error is found during production test, the faulty PCBA can be re burned immediately without removing the chip. It not only saves the production cost, but also increases the burning efficiency.
More importantly, the production line is also developing towards automation. More and more manufacturers add ICT, FCT and other functional testing machines to the production line. The production mode of using automatic fixture and online burning can eliminate manual operation in the burning stage, burn directly after pasting the board, and then send PCBA to the testing machine for testing. The whole production process is fully automated, It can greatly improve production efficiency.
Therefore, in PCBA processing, online burning has significant advantages and has become one of the important indicators in the industry to measure the process accuracy, production efficiency, cost, quality control, scale, capital and other aspects of PCBA manufacturers.