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Brief introduction to SMT patch

Article source:NewsEditor:Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Issuing time:2021-09-28

SMT patch refers to the abbreviation of a series of process flow for processing on the basis of PCB. PCB (printed circuit board) means printed circuit board (original text: SMT patch refers to a series of process flow for processing on the basis of PCB (printed circuit board). SMT is surface mounted technology (surface mounted technology) , is the most popular technology and process in the electronic assembly industry. Electronic circuit surface mount technology (SMT), known as surface mount or surface mount technology, is a kind of surface assembly components without pins or short leads (SMC / SMD, Chinese called chip element devices) installed on printed circuit boards Printed circuit board (PCB) or the surface of other substrates, which is assembled by reflow welding or immersion welding.
Under normal circumstances, the electronic products we use are designed by PCB plus various capacitors, resistors and other electronic components according to the designed circuit diagram, so all kinds of electrical appliances need different SMT chip processing processes.
Basic process elements of SMT: solder paste printing -- > part mounting -- > reflow soldering -- > AOI optical inspection -- > maintenance -- > plate splitting.
Some people may ask why it is so complicated to connect electronic components. In fact, this is closely related to the development of our electronic industry. Nowadays, electronic products pursue miniaturization, and the previously used perforated plug-in components can not be reduced. The functions of electronic products are more complete, and the integrated circuit (IC) is adopted There are no perforated components, especially large-scale and highly integrated IC, so surface mount components have to be used. With mass production and automatic production, manufacturers should produce high-quality products at low cost and high output to meet customer needs and strengthen market competitiveness. The development of electronic components, integrated circuit (IC) It can be imagined that the development of SMT surface assembly technology and process can not be done when the production technology of international CPU and image processing device manufacturers such as Intel and AMD has advanced to more than 20 nanometers.
Advantages of SMT chip processing: high assembly density, small volume and light weight of electronic products. The volume and weight of chip components are only about 1 / 10 of that of traditional plug-in components. Generally, after using SMT, the volume and weight of electronic products are reduced by 40% ~ 60% and 60% ~ 80%. It has high reliability, strong anti vibration energy, low solder joint defect rate, good high frequency characteristics, reduced electromagnetic and RF interference, and is easy to realize Automation, improve production efficiency. Reduce costs by 30% ~ 50%. Save materials, energy, equipment, manpower, time, etc.
It is precisely because of the complex process flow of SMT patch processing that there are many SMT patch processing factories specializing in SMT patch processing. In Shenzhen, thanks to the vigorous development of the electronic industry, SMT patch processing has achieved the prosperity of an industry.