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What are the precautions for PCBA proofing

Article source:FAQEditor:Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Issuing time:2021-09-28

What is PCBA proofing? I believe many people don't know. In fact, PCBA proofing is the whole process of SMT on the empty PCB and dip plug-in. This process is called PCBA proofing. Nowadays, PCBA proofing is widely used in production, especially in many fields, so it is welcomed by enterprises. However, PCBA proofing also needs to pay attention to many aspects, so as to ensure the material quality. So, what should we pay attention to in PCBA proofing? Let's have a look.
1、 Be complete
In the process of PCBA proofing, you must provide a complete BOM before operation, especially the template Gerber file. In addition, the product tag number, patch coordinates and other documents provided must also be accurate. Finally, PCB files must be provided.
2、 Prepare several more single and double-sided panels
According to professionals, in the PCBA proofing process, we must prepare more single panels and double-sided panels, as well as more other materials. This does not mean that the production efficiency of PCBA is low, but to ensure the smooth production process. Because redundant ingredients will be used in SMT processing, more preparation can ensure convenient use in the processing process. Of course, large components and chips do not need to be prepared, otherwise the investment will be too high for enterprises.
3、 Stick it on one side only
Whether it is a single panel or a double-sided panel, only one side needs to be pasted in the PCBA proofing process.
4、 Layout and route
Professionals point out that the layout and routing of components determine the service life, stability and reliability of products. Therefore, special attention must be paid in the process of PCBA proofing. In addition to the position sequence of components, pay attention to their fixed position, size, etc., and pay attention to heat dissipation. Therefore, it is best to disperse the heating elements, so as to ensure the timeliness of heat dissipation and avoid a large amount of heat accumulation in a short time.
5、 Complete adjustment
After PCBA wiring is completed, details need to be processed, including appropriate adjustment of text, individual components, routing, etc. At the same time, production, commissioning and maintenance shall be carried out.
6、 PCBA proofing using simulation function
The main purpose of this method is to ensure that the circuit board can be proofed correctly. At the same time, it can also ensure that problems can be found in advance and solved in time.
In general, PCBA proofing is a very fine work, which must be completed by professionals. In addition, in the process of PCBA proofing, we should also pay attention to the investment of time and energy. If we can ensure that all precautions are paid attention to, there will certainly be no big mistakes, or even some small mistakes. Therefore, PCBA proofing personnel must understand and memorize the precautions before operation, so that they will not miss the operation and avoid problems caused by the reduction of operation steps.