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Problems easily occurred in PCB plate making

Article source:FAQEditor:Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Issuing time:2021-09-28

1. Make physical frame
Making a closed physical frame on the original board has a binding effect on the layout and wiring of components in the later stage. After reasonable setting of physical frame, it can more standardize the welding of components one by one and the accuracy of wiring. However, special attention should be paid to that the physical frame of some boards or corners at the edge of the curve should also be set as an arc. First, prevent sharp corners from scratching workers, and second, reduce the stress effect to ensure the safety during transportation.
2. Introduction of components and networks
It should be very simple to draw the components and network into the frame, but there are often problems here. We must carefully solve the errors one by one according to the prompts, otherwise we will spend more effort later. Generally speaking, the problems here are as follows:
The packaging method of components cannot be found. There are component network problems and unused components or pins. The comparison indicates that these problems can be solved quickly.
3. Standardization of component layout
(1) Placement order
Experienced installers will first place components with fixed positions related to the structure, such as power sockets, indicator lights, switches, connectors, etc. Then it is locked by software to ensure that other components will move or affect the components with fixed orientation when they are placed later. For complex boards, we can operate them several times according to the placement order.
(2) Pay attention to the influence of layout on heat dissipation
Pay special attention to heat dissipation in component layout. For high-power circuits, those heating elements such as power tubes and transformers should be placed side by side as far as possible to facilitate heat generation. They should not be concentrated in one place or too close to high capacitance, so as to avoid premature aging of electrolyte.
After the above three points, I hope to assist the engineers of PCB production.