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Dongguan Taijie Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional SMT chip processing, component procurement, Assembly test one-stop service provider. The company has 3 SMT patch production lines, 2 wave soldering, 1 assembly test production line, and various professional testing equipment. At the same time, the company has experienced and professional production team and customer service team. Our services include: electronic components Procurement, SMT chip processing, post-welding plug-in and project assembly, electronic component procurement, etc., are samples and small batch orders, we have the advantages of quotation, production and delivery.

Taijie Electronics is committed to providing customers with R&D proofing, small and medium-sized SMT chip processing, and strong delivery capabilities. It adopts the industry's professional multi-functional placement machine - Fuji NXT, ten temperature zone reflow oven configuration, equipped with wave soldering, AOI, X-RAY testing equipment.

Since its establishment 9 years ago, Taijie Electronics has accumulated a number of domestic and foreign customers with mutual trust. The company puts quality control first and continuously improves the quality and cheap service for customers. We complete the PCB and patch of products for many customers. After welding and assembly, it has been well received by customers. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to provide customers with high quality products and services.

Incoming processing
Intimate We have our own design and development team, perfect service process and rich R&D experience.We can customize all kinds of PCB circuit boards according to customer's requirements. The product is from development to production.Dragon service. Demand to us, we give you satisfaction, give you confidence!
Packet processing
Discount Provide manufacturing design services, through the analysis of PCBA, PCB design, product design can be optimized.Used for manufacturing, add value to customers and manufacturing companies. No matter what you are Not our customers, Taijie provides technical solutions.
Major Specializing in PCBA design and development, PCBA design, PCBA processing, SMT patch processing, COB bonding processing, plug-in welding processing, ODM/OEM packaging processing of finished product group, focusing on the application of electronic technology, research and development of electronic products.
Dongguan SMT patch
Stable At present, there are 3 SMT patch production lines, 2 wave soldering lines and 1 assembly and testing line.And professional testing equipment, while the company has a professional production team and customer service team.
Dongguan SMT patch
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